Services for Investment Advisors

We are not in the investment advisory business. Our role is to be the expert resource on plan design, compliance, administration, recordkeeping and participant services so our Financial Advisor partners can focus on what they do.  Our goal is to never put the relationships with our Financial Advisor partners at risk.

Open Investment Architecture:

We provide a fully open investment architecture (over 28,000 funds currently available) which enables our Financial Advisor partners to have full and complete control over the investments.  CDM also supports Guaranteed Investment Contracts, life insurance, self-directed brokerage accounts, and other, less traditional investment vehicles.

Deep Plan Expertise:

We have deep expertise in design, operations and compliance of all types of retirement plans, and can provide our Financial Advisor partners with client specific ideas, recommendations and solutions for their clients. We can be your retirement plan expert.

Flexible Compensation Arrangements:

CDM has the ability to accommodate both traditional commission-based arrangements and fee-based arrangements.  CDM manages the process of collecting all revenue sharing and 12b-1 amounts from mutual fund companies.

Operational Excellence:

We are focused on timely, efficient, error-free plan operation and administration. Because of this, we do not put our partner’s relationships at risk.


We don’t wait to be told what to do. We know what it takes to operate retirement plans across all of the important dimensions:

  • Error free recordkeeping
  • Transaction processing
  • Participant services
  • Daily trading
  • Compliance planning, monitoring and testing
  • Reporting
  • Plan governance & updates
  • Plan sponsor service


Real Time Access:

Our Financial Advisor partners have full access to real-time plan and participant level information including participation, investments, and transactions.